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Cigar Box Portraits
Cigar Box Portraits
Creating art to service the public, entrepenuers, and businesses worldwide. Looking for something to decorate your home? Or looking to customise a special gift for your friends and family? Does your business need a logo or promotion package designed? Would you like to improve the environment of a room with a large scale mural or several pieces of art? 
Hand illustrated
Cigar Box Portraits are graphed from photographs and transfered directly onto the cigar box surface by hand. No templates, tracing or cheat hacks of any kind. Real art Real skill!
Mixed medium
Cigar Box Portraits are designed using mixed medium which consist of Sharpie, Whiteout and illustration markers. Each piece is sealed with a matte finish to preserve the art work. The image will never fade, wash off, chip or smudge. All work is guaraunteed and backed by a  warranty.